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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

a midweek flight

Tuesday morning was miserable with cold blustery rain. Then things cleared at lunchtime, the temp rose to 9c, and the bees were out straightaway in some numbers for cleansing flights. Whether there is sun on the hive or not it seems that their preferred min temp for flights is about 8c in calm conditions.
Thanks to Culain for a lift to Ludlow Assembly Rooms last night to see "The Vanishing of the Bee", much enjoyed. The production was a little on the parochial American side. I did like the short scene where smoke was seen going back into a smoker!! The film's conclusion is that there is no one cause of Colony Collapse Disorder but many contributing factors.
The honeybee is very tolerant of sympathetic husbandry based on respect for its lifecycle and essential needs. It seems to me to be common sense that a creature that exists not just as in individual but also as a complex colony depends upon delicate systems that are not fully understood but easy to disrupt.

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