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Sunday, 31 January 2010

more mites

Some sunny spells and milder temperatures (up to 9C) had bees out flying this week but they soon hurried back to the cluster when snow showers started. Today I made the first check of the floor since last Sunday. Counted 87 mites making an averange drop of just over 12 per day. Wax dust indicated that the workers had been using stores.
So ends a January of true Winter. Good crop of snowdrops showing white but not yet open. Forecast is for more cold weather so I can leave well alone and get on with installing a new floor in the shed.
My first attempts at wax extraction from some old frames demonstrate just how much I have to learn. Some wax is recovered but I have a way to go before I achieve reasonable efficiency. Meantime I have enough to wax the kitchen drawers.

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